Organised management

Simplification of application and evaluation processes in the HR area.

Everyone knows the traditional application portals, but what about the other side? How do HR managers, department heads and co. organise themselves on their applicants? Before, during and after?

The eON Hiring Helper helps these people to easily design and organise application processes: What is currently needed and what does my employee profile look like. Guidelines are used to ensure that all interviews are conducted in a uniform manner and according to plan. The data collected is therefore always of the same quality and can be compared with each other without any problems.


E.ON Energie Deutschland GmbH

Project realisation

6 months with ongoing support


Web application for HR management

Operating systems

Web browser for tablet and desktop



The challenge

In contrast to conventional online shops, this is a portal by and for stove builders - therefore conventional ordering and selection processes cannot take place here.
It is therefore a matter of finding a balance between individual needs and intuitive and familiar elements so that the user can work with the platform without any problems.

The result

Bei diesem Projekt entstand eine Web-App zur Erstellung von Fragebögen und Interview-Guidelines für das Recruitment-Team der E.ON SE.
These are intended to help simplify and standardise the application and assessment process in all E.ON units. The recruiter can compile individual questionnaires for various interviews through the web app. They can access questions from a question pool and also add their own questions. The created questionnaire then becomes an interview guideline. During the interview, the answers can be entered into the web app and evaluated.
At the end of an application process, the individual interviews and candidates can be compared with each other to determine the most suitable candidate for a position.