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More agility, shorter releases, more reliability and high competitiveness. The larger companies and their internal processes become, the more essential smooth collaboration is. The agile approach of DevOps, automated processes and close collaboration between development and operations teams creates transparency at every step. Our understanding of DevOps encompasses much more than just a series of finely tuned continuous delivery and integration processes. Operating according to DevOps means implementing key principles in corporate culture, architecture and collaboration.


Excellent DevOps services

DevOps is to be understood as a corporate culture that takes a holistic approach. To be able to achieve more efficient collaboration and better quality of the end product. DevOps processes counter inefficient, slow and costly developments. The primary DevOps capabilities are closing the gaps between software development and operations teams. Our DevOps expertise provides the foundation to help organisations with a missing or nascent culture to deeply integrate it into all their development processes and benefit immediately.


Rapid integration supports the management of software packages and requires the right tools in the right hands. DevOps provides the methodological basis for the interaction between operations and development. In addition, it promotes faster error detection and ensures less rework.


DevOps is a holistic approach to IT delivery. Automate and streamline your processes and tests. This means that development, staging and production environments can be automatically interlinked.


A feedback loop is created by the interaction between the different departments of your DevOps team and the interaction with the end users. To focus the feedback and avoid unnecessary noise, we take the time to be able to determine the exact needs.


Monitoring provides information about an app's performance and usage patterns. We set up in-app and infrastructure monitoring to communicate important status data to a central control dashboard. The goal of monitoring is to achieve high availability.


More agility, shorter releases, more reliability and high competitiveness. The implementation of DevOps helps to automate the simplification of the most complex releases. Thanks to our configuration management, configurations always remain up-to-date.


DevOps is the key to an agile IT infrastructure. With an agile infrastructure, changes can be reacted to more quickly. Automation processes between developers and system administrators facilitate the collaboration and processes of both areas and increase the continuous measurement of application and server performance.

We understand modern DevOps and wire business with IT

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Reasons for Quimron

Domain knowledge

In data analyses in the fields of economics and business, the understanding, selection and preparation of data plays a decisive role in achieving good and valid results. We know how to approach problems from unexpected angles and turn them into individual solutions.

Orchestration and competence

Successful positioning brings requirements and competences into harmony. The success of digital platforms requires the harmony of all processes in a company. In IT, orchestration means the composition of several individual services into one overall service. We take you by the hand and work together on the ideal solution for your company.

Outstanding UI/UX designers

Good UX/UI design is not a stroke of genius, but hard work. UI design focuses on the visual design of an interactive application. UX design, on the other hand, aims to ensure a smooth experience for the user when using an application. Quimron combines both. We look back on successful projects in numerous best-practice examples.