Cloud consulting and development

With our experience, we take over the complete modernisation of your software and bring all affected components to the cloud. Our expertise is based on working with all major cloud providers - including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.
We accompany you in setting up your hybrid environments. Benefit from the expertise of our Multicloud team.


Our cloud software development and consulting services

At Quimron, we leverage our experience working with all the major cloud providers - including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform - to help enterprises accelerate their transformation and get the most out of high-performance cloud environments, whether public, private or hybrid. We provide intelligent software solutions and cloud consulting services that enable enterprises and tech innovators to future-proof their infrastructure investments and streamline the transition to SaaS, PaaS and IaaS business models.

Analysis and optimisation of the cloud

Our experts assess your existing cloud infrastructure, identify over- or under-utilised resources and optimise the overall spend of your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud migration

From conception to installation and ongoing operation. We help you to develop and implement IT migration strategies - be it IaaS, dockerisation of services or a cloud-native approach.

Cloud-native development

Companies are dependent on the rapid provision of software solutions. This is where the advantages of cloud-native software development take effect: high agility and speed of deployment, high scalability and availability.

Cloud Consulting

We support you from the very beginning. The following services are available to you: Cloud Strategy Milestone, Cloud Cost Optimisation, Cloud Migration, Cloud Solution Monitoring, Cloud Security.

Remain agile in your IT infrastructure through the cloud

Reliable and fast

Discover the Cloud

Our promise

Modern technology is in professional hands. We develop new Cloud applications or convert your existing ones. Our team of experts will find the ideal Cloud architecture for your project. The use of numerous services promises cost savings, faster implementation times and reduced maintenance efforts through standardization.

Analysis and control

We analyze applications for the benefits and advantages of using a Cloud. In addition, we inspect existing Cloud systems for optimization potential, security and compliance.

Operation and support

We maintain applications throughout their entire life cycle to ensure optimal functionality. We offer proactive services for this purpose.