Measured values via Bluetooth

Transmit measured data to the app via Bluetooth, evaluate it and display it just-in-time.

About Leitenberger - When it comes to carrying out, facilitating and optimising measurement, analysis and repair work on vehicles or engines, Leitenberger's special tools are used all over the world. Each product is developed with the highest demands on functionality, durability and ergonomics. Founded 50 years ago as a small family business, Leitenberger is now a globally operating company with plants in Germany and Greece.


Autotestgeräte LEITENBERGER GmbH

Project realisation

4 months


Native App

Operating systems



The challenge

The parallel development of the hardware and software required a test-driven approach.
Through various hackathons, a useful app with expansion potential was created. In this project, we chose the test-driven approach for the development in order to quickly and efficiently obtain an MVP for the later expansion stages.

The result

LR Smart Tools - the new and innovative app for the modern workshop from Autotestgeräte Leitenberger. The app supports the user in measuring the compression pressure of single and multi-cylinder, petrol and diesel engines. The pressure values are recorded by the Leitenberger measuring device and sent to the app via Bluetooth. This way, the data can be analysed quickly and easily and documented for your customers.
Via the compression pressure tester of Autotestgeräte Leitenberger GmbH, measured data should be delivered to the app via Bluetooth, evaluated and displayed just-in-time. The challenge was to display measured values directly in the app via the Bluetooth stack without delay.
  • Compression pressure measurement on combustion engines
  • Quick, uncomplicated and documented diagnosis
  • Measurement with high-quality Leitenberger Bluetooth sensors
  • "Live data" transmission
  • Measurement and immediate visualisation and evaluation
  • Creation of a test report (PDF)
  • Share data via email, airprint, etc.