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Simple and intuitive user guidance turns your good product idea into a successful software solution.

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User Experience Design (UX)

Unter User Experience, kurz UX, versteht man das Gesamterlebnis, welches ein Benutzer hat, wenn er ein System verwendet. UX ist nicht ausschließlich die Bedienbarkeit eines Systems, es geht auch um die ästhetischen und emotionalen Faktoren. Wir helfen Ihnen diese in Ihren Projekten optimal darzustellen.

UX meets Emotion

Das schönste App Design kann nicht zur Geltung kommen, wenn sich Nutzer kaum orientieren können. Im Gegensatz bringen auf den Punkt gebrachte Informationen und durchdachte Strukturen wenig Erfolg, wenn UX Design und App Design keine Emotionen transportieren. Wir investieren  viel Zeit mit der Entwicklung intuitiver Bedienkonzepte, agieren mit fachlicher Kompetenz und viel Gespür.


A mobile app must be easy to use, websites should provide experiences and both together create positive user experiences. Functionality and visual appearance must be optimally coordinated so that wonderful user experiences can be created. Only a perfect UX design makes the difference between great and less successful applications.

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User Interface Design (UI)

Nowadays, beautiful designs alone are no longer enough. A key success factor for modern user interfaces is the intuitive interaction between design and user. By using experienced information design and logical information architecture, we ensure that users quickly find their way around and experience all content with unlimited enthusiasm.


With Quimron's UI you can immerse people in an interactive digital world full of excitement.

  • Individual symbol graphics and icons
  • Effective animation concepts
  • Typography and color concepts
  • Interactive prototypes
  • Convincing screen designs for apps, websites & Co



A successful product meets needs in an efficient, simple and pleasant way. Classical success criteria in the digital environment require user-centered, iterative design processes. They become tangible through wireframes, mockups and prototyping and allow a functional manifestation of interaction design. In this project phase, it is easy to react to necessary changes, implement more complex ideas or simulate the usage context by means of concept sketches. This allows for quick evaluations and avoids complicated detours.


With passion at the pulse of time - individual software considers interactions, human resources and business processes and reacts 100% flexible to changes. We facilitate your daily work routine, support you as a user and make routine processes even easier. That is our goal.