Software entwicklung

Our expertise is the development on most different platforms and the integration into existing systems. 


Kompetent in allen phasen

We, the Quimron team, develop apps, platforms and software solutions for companies of all sizes and industries. As an experienced and reliable technology partner, we open up new and better ways to develop software by putting our own focus on it. We create tomorrow's applications and make product visions tangible. Using the latest and most advanced technologies, we conduct code reviews and are your partner for agile software development. Ideas are tested and validated by us early in the development process. Of course, we pay attention to the processes and tools we use, but we value individuals and interactions more highly. For us, reacting to changes means more than just following a plan.




Modern Software Development

Our rapid application development "Rapid Application Development" comprises an approach to programming that is based on a continuous development environment. Therefore changes as well as MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) can be implemented faster than with traditional methods of application development.

Kubernetes as a Service - Kubernetes Hosting

Kubernets Hosting simplifies the structure of microservice architectures and is used for easy scaling of applications and clusters. Quimron offers Kubernets Hosting as a service. Kubernetes is an open source orchestration system that enables the automated operation of containers. It serves as a platform for provisioning, scaling and operation of application containers across clusters and hosts.
All of this is also DGVO compliant. Convince yourself of the advantages!


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Flexible Approach and intensive Cooperation

We help you to develop high-quality and reliable software solutions in an agile way in order to meet your business requirements from the very beginning. In our agile setup, we do not simply work out a fixed development plan according to strict specifications. We also react immediately to other approaches, better solutions and new functional requirements that need to be integrated during the project duration. For us, changes are not a disruptive event, but part of a natural project growth that we appreciate. This allows us to provide regularly usable and functioning partial results that you can continuously compare with your product vision. This means that the software is ready for use more quickly and the digital innovations can be expanded flexibly. Our development process is transparent for all project participants. A flexible approach and an intensive cooperation make it possible to receive regular feedback and to incorporate change requests into the process. As a result, your application develops exactly according to your wishes, needs and ideas.


Digital innovation and experimental Applications

Products must be tangible and experienceable to trigger enthusiasm. We, the Quimron team, focus from the very beginning on transporting ideas through prototypes in the development process. We make the concrete vision of the application tangible at a very early stage in order to avoid later detours in the course of the project based on the evaluated feedback. Different design variants, which are based on your corporate design, convey the visual impression which your product will have in the end. A user interaction design as well as a user interface concept form the basis for tangible and experiential applications, which are characterized by their usability and simplicity of the user interface. We prove that every product vision is feasible by implementing all conceivable concepts. Within the scope of agile software development, we make applications quickly usable through prototypes.



We develop high-performance and user-friendly products, whereby our main focus is always on simplifying the user's everyday work. Using the latest and most modern technologies, we are your contact partner for agile software development, where code reviews are an essential element of the process model. In this context, it is our self-declared goal to detect errors in the software as early as possible - not just when the application is productive. We review each code carefully and reliably so that code quality is improved sustainably. We are proud to say that our software takes processes, people and interactions into account and reacts flexibly to changes.


Company with heart

People learn most effectively through informal educational processes, by exchanging ideas with others or by working independently. An effective knowledge management system that supports companies in making existing knowledge accessible to all participants can remedy this situation. Digital technologies are the basis for this.