Intelligent webshop

Non-stop shopping solution for the craft business and associations.

Craftsmen are considered to be the target group with the least internet affinity - at least as far as their everyday life is concerned. With the help of a mobile shopping solution, the HAGOS purchasing cooperative offers its members the possibility to order materials, spare parts and accessories directly from the construction site or while on the road.


Hagos eG

Project realisation

6 months with ongoing support


B2B online shop

Operating systems

Browser for smart phone • tablet • desktop



The challenge

In contrast to conventional online shops, this is a portal by and for stove builders - therefore conventional ordering and selection processes cannot take place here.
It is therefore a matter of finding a balance between individual needs and intuitive and familiar elements so that the user can work with the platform without any problems.

The result

Regardless of location and device, the shop solution can be used on smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. The availability of the products is displayed live. By means of status displays of "red", "yellow" and "green", product availability is clearly indicated. With the web app for Hagos, an intelligent and complex eCommerce app has been developed in the B2B sector.
A convenient search and the marking of product availability are important components of the app. But classic browsing of the products is also easily solved. In this way, we were able to make the work of the employees of the HAGOS cooperative much easier and let the internet become a part of their everyday work. Crafts also need more internet!