App Development

Maßgeschneiderte IoT Multiplattform-, iOS- & Android-Applikationen gehören für uns zum Tagesgeschäft.

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Discover the Cloud

We work with the leading Cloud Services and bring our customers' application systems into the Cloud. We support the entire selection, implementation and operation process. Our customers also benefit from our mature infrastructure, the highest security standards and first-class maintenance.

iOS Apps

Maßgeschneiderte IoT Multiplattform-, iOS- & Android-Applikationen gehören für uns zum Tagesgeschäft.

Android Apps

Programming of Android Apps for Smartphones, Android Wear, Android TV and Android Auto.

Hybride Apps

Simultaneous development of cost-effective apps compatible with iOS and Android.

Multiplattform Apps

Development of apps and desktop applications based on React Native, Google Flutter, Xamarin or Ionic (Angular/React).

iOS App-Entwicklung

Innovation and continuous development dominate the world of mobile devices and Apple's iOS is at the top. Our iOS developers love and live the constant change in the Apple ecosystem. We understand how iPhone, Apple Watch, MacBook, and Apple TV interact with each other to create products and experiences for Apple's entire infrastructure and services.

  • watchOS App Development (Apple Watch)
  • iOS App Development (iPhone)
  • macOS App Development (MacBook)
  • tvOS App Development (Apple TV)
  • iOS CarPlay
  • Integration with Airplay
  • Integration with Chromecast

Android app development for the Google ecosystem

With over 80% market share worldwide, Android is the leading platform for mobile devices. Android apps reach the largest number of users and therefore have the greatest market potential.
As Android developer or agency for Android development with Java and Kotlin we are specialists for the Google platform. Our wide range of expertise and experience in designing and programming high-quality apps as well as backend (API) solutions makes us an excellent partner for your next project.

  • Android Smartphone App Development
  • Android Wear Device App Development
  • Android TV App Development
  • Android Auto App Development
  • Chromecast connection

IOT multiplatform app development

Progressive Web Apps are absolute state-of-the-art technology for app development. While native apps are relatively complex to develop and hybrid apps have to be published for every App Store, this does not apply to progressive apps. With this technology, you can not only bring mobile websites to the end devices as an app without an App Store, but you can also use features like push notifications and offline operation. Such features were actually reserved for "real" apps.
  • Ionic
  • React
  • Your web application as app on mobile end devices
  • Nutzung nativer Funktionen
  • Performance
  • Connection